Dare To Bare – Part II

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So remember that 21 Day Sugar Detox I mentioned in my last post? Well, I’ve never been much of a diet girl, but I was challenged to try it for a day. I didn’t think I would make it past a few hours, but I made it to day 12. Actually, once I got past the first day I knew I was in it for the long(er) haul.

Here’s the gist. No sugar, no refined carbs, no fruit, no alcohol. For reals. For more details check out http://the21daysugardetox.com.

Turkey lettuce wraps. 21 Day Sugar Detox friendly.

The first few days were rough. My energy was extremely low, and I was constantly hungry. Days 3-6 came the mood swings. Bad ones. Poor, poor, husband. After that first week I was back to normal, feeling pretty good and accustomed to the diet.

Also? No low-fat milk. Used this as a substitute. Pretty good.

Anyway, this last weekend was a rough one and I ended up going on a sugar bender. It all started when my Uncle Frank offered me a beer… but there were also the strawberries I ate while gardening. One for the box, one for me (repeat). Then, I started to get hungry. Real hungry. My husband mentioned pizza. C’est la vie.

Overall, I loved the challenge. I think I lost a couple lbs at most, but more importantly I hope to take away a few healthier eating habits, and maybe drop some of my not so great ones (oh you know, soda, flaming hot cheetos, and sugary Starbucks concoctions on the regular).

Closing thought — I’m definitely more of a work-out-a-lot-and-eat-what-I-want-girl.

Next up on my “Dare to Bare” do stuff to feel good in my skin plan? I’m considering a half marathon in the near future. Considering.

I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

One thought on “Dare To Bare – Part II

  1. Kristen says:

    I love this! And I think a half marathon is a fantastic goal. The way you can power through the FNS workouts, I have no doubt you’d eat a half-mary training program right up!

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