Olympic Steez

Whatever country they’re from (USA! USA! USA!), Olympic athletes tend to rock the same trends within their individual sport. Some good, some gymnastics. These are just a few that I can’t help but notice every time I turn on the tube.

Soccer (Congrats Team USA!) – “The Headband”
I wonder if women’s soccer players discuss best headband practices and brands. Like, do you prefer Goody or Scrunci? Because the ones I’ve tried always end up slipping off my head, and really, Olympic athletes don’t have time for that shit.

Don’t get too happy Japan… silver awaits you. (Source CNN, Credit Getty Images)

These girls look better in gold anyway. (Photo credit Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images Europe)

Fun fact: Alex Morgan’s headband is actually not a headband at all, it’s pink pre-wrap (the stuff you put on before you get your ankle taped, I think). Maybe she has the right idea.

Track & Field – “The Chain”
This classic dates back to the Michael Johnson days. Well, probably further back then that, but that’s as far back as I can remember seeing it.

Do I look too flashy? Nah. (Photo credit Black Sports Online)

I’m a fan of this dainty chain on Lolo. Also a fan of her ABS. (Photo credit Chuck Myers)

Track & Field – “The Lauren Conrad Braid”
How cute is this look?! Weeerk.

You win the gold in the 400 and looking fly Richards-Ross! (Photo credit AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Another fine example of the LC braid. (Source diepresse.com)

Gymnastics – “The Loop”
This final look makes scrunchis look like child’s play. I have to admit, I’ve been a loop wearing culprit from time to time at the gym. And it really does feel pretty darn comfortable during a work out.

It’s a “loop off.” (Photo credit Thomas Coex, Ronald Martinez, Getty Images)

Which Olympic trend would you rock, if any?

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2 thoughts on “Olympic Steez

  1. Lindsay says:

    i’m ok with the loop, it is the snappy barrettes that I just can’t get behind! well, that and the fact that they wear like 15 each!

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